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Meet The Team
Family-Owned Boutique Adventures

Horseback Panama, Putting You First

We pride ourselves on being a service-first adventure tourism company that bridges the gap between tourism and local authenticity.


Owned and operated by Elizabeth Wilkinson and Martin Zipprich, we take pride in personally getting to know, interact with and befriend each and every one of our guests. 

Martin has 10+ years of experience managing hotels, resorts and lodges in Zambia, South America and the US. Born and raised around the safaris and game lodges of South Africa, Martin developed a passion for animal husbandry and exploration – particularly around fishing and reptiles.


Elizabeth has 25+ years equestrian management and competition experience, including national representation of her home country, Botswana. In 2014, Elizabeth opened Deja Brew Cafe in Bocas del Toro and began her career as an entrepreneur. 

In 2016, we moved to Santa Fe, Veraguas and found ourselves enchanted by the beautiful mountains of Central Panama. Elizabeth loved the mountain trails and the opportunities for exploring new routes on horseback and Martin loved the easy access to untapped Pacific and Caribbean waters where he could pursue his passion of fishing. 


Surrounded by exciting potential, amazing outdoor activities and adventurous things to do, we started inviting others into our backyard and way of life as a way to share the discovery of our new home and contribute to our community. We have and continue to build our business with a vision of both respecting and helping to preserve our local culture and environment.


We look forward to discussing your future vacation plans and see you soon in Santa Fe!

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