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Multi-Day Packages
Plan your mountain escape in Santa Fe

Do more with your holiday, saddle up and connect to the rural landscapes and people of Central Panama


Get away to the mountain village of Santa Fe, where life moves at a more relaxing pace. Our rides radiate outward into backcountry Panama, taking challenging trails, crossing wide rivers and galloping in the wide open wilderness with the most amazingly scenic mountain vistas in the background. Rides of various lengths and terrains help build a deeper connection to our local landscapes, culture and horses - building an unforgettable trust and creating memories to last a lifetime. 

Riding led by expert guides: Between 3 - 8 hours daily riding

​Meals:  Lunch​ & trail snacks 

Group size: 2-6

Price: please enquire for group pricing and availability

*Rider weight limit: 95kgs or 210lbs

Breakfast on the patio


With a multitude of backcountry roads and paths running through our Central Highlands we are able to access unique trails, stunning vistas and constantly changing micro-climates. Over the period of your stay you will build a special connection and trust with your horse, while as a team you traverse along some of the most challenging terrains, unique to the isthmus of Panama.

2 FULL DAYS, Santa Fe Escape - $240.00 PER RIDER

Take two unique and exciting trails over the period of two full days in the saddle. Get to know and trust your horse as we enjoy the Santa Maria River valley and the peaceful mountain town dirt roads that lead us past an array of Panamanian homes and farms that form the boundary of the Santa Fe National Park. Have the afternoon to relax and explore our little village before heading out the second day to see the continental divide from another angle, while we appreciated all the open space and natural beauty.

3 FULL DAYS, Horseback Weekend - $420.00 PER RIDER

A great escape with 3 full days to explore 3 unique landscapes. Santa Fe village is nestled in a river valley with the continental divide creating for an exciting and diverse backdrop. We have jungle trails and waterfalls to explore as well as ancient petroglyph sites, fresh fruit to pick and clear rivers to swim in. This trip provides a taste of it all!

4 FULL DAYS, A cowboys escape - $560.00 PER RIDER

With 4 days to explore we take things further afield. We traverse the Cerro Tute mountain range and head into the drier, more vast foothills that make up the large expanse of cattle ranches and remote farms. We cover up to 25kms a day through a much more rural landscape, basically untouched by tourism. We will pass remote homesteads with no electricity and small villages carving an existence off the land. You will feel like a true western cowboy, covering ground on horseback with the dust in your face and the sound of hooves beneath you. 

5 FULL DAYS, Wild West Horseback Adventure - $800.00 PER RIDER

This package provides a unique opportunity to stable our horses for multiple nights in a local cattle coral, while during the day we take to the trails, placing distance between us and civilization on the search for the most fantastic open views and long gallop opportunities. With the largest river crossings and most remote trails this trip is for the true explorer in you.  Get engaged with tacking up, washing your horse down, tying on the saddle bags and preparing your pack for a full day on the trail.



Arrival in Santa Fe


Check in to your accommodations and receive a warm welcome to Santa Fe.

Day 1 - Morning Ride in La Herradura Foothills

Riding time - 3+ hours

Early morning pick up at your accommodation with a 30 minute drive to the trail head. Today's ride explores the drier foothills of the Cerro Tute mountain range. Covered in low shrubs, the majority of your ride takes you through open spaces with expansive views and includes several wide river crossings. This is the perfect opportunity to test the speed and agility of your mount as the land is flatter and drier. After a full morning of riding we head back to Santa Fe town for lunch. 

Day 2 - Full-Day Ride from La Herradura to Santa Fe

Riding time - 5+ hours

An early start to make the most of the cooler air before the sun starts to heat things up! We drive 30 minutes out of Santa Fe town to an old cattle corral, from here we ride into Panama's remote interior on horseback. Exploring, on horseback the valleys and hillsides, where, in pre-Columbian times, Chief Urraca and his Ngäbe people once roamed. We ride into Santa Fe town at late afternoon for a delicious meal and sundown drinks. 

Day 3 - Ride on the borders of the National Park

Riding time - 3+ hours

A loop ride takes you from the village of Santa Fe along the boundaries of the Santa Fe National Park. With over 72,000 Ha of tropical jungle we ride on the fringes, along narrow trails crossing multiple water ways. You will be impressed with your horses surefootdness and level mind while we cross suspension bridges and pick our way through rocky river beds. We ride back into town for a late lunch. The afternoon can be spent relaxing in the hammocks with a book or down at the river's edge soaking up the sun on the warm boulders. 

Day 4 - Bermejo Waterfall Ride and Hike

Riding time - 4+ hours

Ride to the trail head of the waterfall hike, hitch the horses and head into the jungle on foot to one of the most beautiful waterfalls in our area. There is a deep, clear water pool to swim in, a hidden cave with pre-columbian carved petroglyph rocks to explore and amazing jungle to get immersed in! Ending with a local lunch and a relaxing afternoon.

Day 5 - Mountain Loop Ride with a visit to an Organic Coffee Farm

Riding time - 3+ hours

An early morning ride starting with a visit to a locally owned organic coffee farm. We hitch the horses while we explore the self sustainable gardens and traditional coffee making process. With fantastic, enthusiastic local hosts we gain an insight into gardening and farming in tropical Panama. From here we continue with the horses exploring the rural farming areas and passing traditional homes before heading back to town for lunch. 


Here we say goodbye and until next time!

Please note this program is exciting but not overly strenuous. This itinerary only serves as a guide; all scenarios are dependent on the season. Horseback Panama reserves the right to alter the itinerary in any way and leaves this to the discretion of the guides. Local weather conditions may also affect activities.



* Dates don't fit your holiday plans? Please get in touch for custom bookings!*


FEBRUARY 12 - 18


MARCH 8 - 14

MARCH 20 - 26

APRIL 3 - 9

APRIL 17 - 23

MAY 8 - 14

JUNE 5 - 11


AUGUST 6 - 12


OCTOBER 8 - 14



DECEMBER 19 - 25


JANUARY 8 - 14

JANUARY 22 - 28

JANUARY 29 - 4


FEBRUARY 19 - 25

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