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  • Round-Trip Vehicle Transport: Panama City - Santa Fe - Panama City - prices available on request.

  • Private Charter Flights: Panama City - Santa Fe - Panama City - prices available on request. 

  • Rental car - we drive on the right hand side of the road.  

  • Local bus system.


See our barn location on Google Maps:  

Coming from the village? The easiest way is to make your way down the road to the Bulaba river. Here you will see one of our black and white signs indicating how to cross the pedestrian bridge. This way to arrive does not require a 4x4 vehicle and is only 2.5kms from the main bus terminal in the village. 




When you first arrive to Panama you will have to pass through Immigration on your way to baggage claim.  Here you will be required to provide your passport.

Customs operates in the same fashion as other airports worldwide.  Upon collecting your baggage, you will be required to pass through customs and present the customs form supplied to you in flight by the airline.  Here you will make any necessary declarations.

For all domestic flights, passengers are limited to two pieces of luggage – one checked bag and one carry on.  The weight limit for the checked bag is 25lbs and the weight limit for the carry on is 10lbs.  Should your baggage exceed the weight limits you may be charged an over-weight fee. 


All persons are required to carry identification while in Panama. Visitors are required to carry a passport at all times. If you are hesitant to carry your passport and would rather carry a copy, this will suffice; however, the copy must include the page with your entrance stamp given by immigration when you enter the country.  


While referred to as the Balboa, the currency of Panama is the US dollar. US coins are used along with Panamanian coins and look exactly like American coins except for the imprint. Credit cards are accepted at hotels, major stores, and most restaurants in Panama City. Outside Panama City, cash will be necessary.  Using your debit card and PIN, you can withdraw funds from an international bank account at the ATM machines. There is a Banco Nacional ATM machine located in the Santa Fe Cooperativa La Esperanza De Los Campesinos. Their hours are 8am - 6pm every day. 


If you decide to rent a car Panama offers 91 or 95 octane and diesel. There is no official gasoline station in Santa Fe, however both petrol and diesel can be purchased privately, the nearest official station is located in Santiago.


Panama, located between Central and South America at 8.5 degrees latitude has a tropical climate with weather conditions vary depending upon elevation, location and season.  Temperatures are around 80-90 degrees Fahrenheit (approximately 25-30 degrees Celsius) and humidity is always high. There are only two seasons, the “dry season” from November to April and the “rainy season” from May through October.


Panama is on Eastern Standard Time (EST).  No day light savings is observed.


Spanish is the official language.  English is widely spoken in the larger cities.


Electricity is 120V / 60 Hz. US electrical items can be used without adapters. The water is of good quality and is potable throughout the country with the exceptions of San Blas and Bocas del Toro. Panama has the most advanced private telecommunications systems in Latin America. It is inexpensive and convenient; direct-dial calls can be made to any country in the world. Post offices can be found in almost all cities and towns, and public telephones are nearly always accessible.


The hotels, in accordance with the law, charge a 10% consumer tax on the price of the room. In restaurants a 10% service charge is expected. If the service is excellent, an additional tip is recommended.


It is highly reccomended that you secure your personal travel health insurance. 

There are mandatory vaccines to enter Panama. 
At the moment they are: 
1. Yellow fever: African continent and Brazil. 
2. Measles: United States of America, Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Italy, Spain, Greece and China. 
3. Diphtheria: Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

Public health services in Panama are very good.  Excellent medical facilities, hospitals and clinics can be found in large cities. 


Weight limit?

  • Rider weight limit: 90kgs.

What riding level?

  • Intermediate to Advanced.

What should I bring on tour?

  • Water bottle, bum bag for cell phone etc, swim suit, rain jacket, hat, sunblock, insect repellant.

What should I wear Horseback riding?

  • Long pants such as jeans, leggings, hiking pants. Closed toe shoes.

Group size?

  • Minimum 2 / Maximum 6 + 1 licensed guide.

Your guide?

  • Licensed with the ATP Panama, has first AID training, bi-lingual English / Spanish, experienced horseperson.

Whats included?

  • Your healthy, happy horse for the day with all necessary tack and equipment. Licensed guide. Transportation from your accommodations in Santa Fe to starting point (approx. 30minutes drive). Trail snacks and water. Lunch or dinner. (Please advise dietary preferences/allergies ahead of time).

Suggested schedule?

  • Accommodation pick up at 6.30am. Mounted by 8am. ETA in Santa Fe town is mid/late afternoon. Total time spent in the saddle is approx. 5 hours (opportunity to stop mid ride for a swim).


Prices and itineraries are correct at the time of printing; however, they are subject to change due to tidal/weather or local conditions, availabilities, or factors beyond our control. 

Reservations -
DEPOSIT: To confirm a reservation a minimum deposit of 25% of the total package price per person if required. This deposit is non-refundable.

FULL PAYMENT: The remaining balance is due 30 days prior to arrival.


Payments -

We can accept American Bank deposits, Panamanian Bank deposits, PayPal or Cash. Please note that the banking fees differ between banks and countries and will be reflected on the payee. Panama charges $40.00 per international deposit transaction. 

Cancellations - If you cannot attend please let us know as soon as possi
ble. Our cancelation and refund policies are as follows:
Cancellations for packages: made with more than 30 days notice from the first day of the tour are subject to a full excluding the initial deposit. Cancellations made between 30 and 15 days prior to the first day of the tour are subject to a 50% refund of the total cost of the tour. Cancellations made within 15 days of the first day of the tour are not subject to refunds. All cancellation requests must be done in writing.

Cancellations for day tours: made more than 7 days ahead of the event we are able to give a full refund. Cancellations prior to 72 hours ahead of the event we are able to give a 50% refund. Cancellations made within the 72 hours before the event, unfortunately we are unable to give a refund.

If Horseback Panama is forced to postpone the event to the following day, in the case of extreme weather conditions on the day of the ride no discount will be given as the ride will still take place. In the case that you cannot attend the event the following day due to travel plans or otherwise we will be able to give a full refund.

Limits on Horseback Panama's responsibility

Acts of God and the Like. Horseback Panama IS NOT LIABLE for acts of God, fire, acts of government or other authorities, wars, civil disturbances, riots, terrorist acts, strikes, thefts, pilferage, epidemics, quarantines, dangerous incidents at sea, land, and air travel, and other similar acts or incidents beyond its control.

Traveler’s Representations
The traveler represents that neither he or she nor anyone traveling with him or her has any physical or other condition or disability that would create a hazard to himself or herself or others participating on the tour.

Independent Suppliers
Horseback Panama purchases transportation, hotel accommodations, restaurant services, and other services from various independent suppliers that are not subject to its control. Horseback Panama  cannot, therefore, be liable for any property damage, personal injury or death that may occur due to (1) any act or omission of such a supplier, or (2) defects in or failures of any aircraft, vessel, automotive vehicle, or other means of transportation that is not under its control.

Optional Activities That May Be Dangerous
Optional activities will be available at some of the places you will visit. Some of these activities carry with them the inherent risk of serious personal injury. These activities include, but are not necessarily limited to: (a) scuba diving; (b) horseback riding; (c) canoe or kayaking; (d) white water rafting trips, among others. You should be aware that your personal safety can not be guaranteed. Should you elect to participate in such activities while you are on tour, you are, of course, free to do so. However, you must understand that such participation will be at your own risk and that Horseback Panama assumes no responsibility for your safety. Under these terms, travelers under the age of 18 are required to have the consent of the parent or guardian whether they are traveling together or not.

Applicable Law

This agreement shall be construed, interpreted, and enforced in accordance with, and shall be governed by, the laws of the Republic of Panama.

Horseback Panama recommends that travelers purchase trip cancellation insurance.

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